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The Glaux operating system is free software, written mostly in C by Alexandros Alexandrou (Αλέξανδρος Αλεξάνδρου). It aims to be compliant with good parts of the POSIX standard, while providing security, reliability, speed and minimised memory consuption. It should also not depend on third party programs for building, as the relevant utilities are also being written from scratch, in order to have better control over their quality.


The final operating system is still being designed, but you can help by contacting the main developer and submitting ideas and/or code.

You can also look at previous attempts on Please note however that these codebases do not reflect the current goals of the Glaux project.


To contact the main developer, you can email him at You can also join the #glaux-os and #glaux-toolchain channels at the IRC network. Please note however that these channels are usually inactive.