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The Glaux operating system will be free software written in a custom programming language by Alexandros Alexandrou (Αλέξανδρος Αλεξάνδρου). It aims to be secure, fast, scalable and usable, while introducing revolutionary ideas into computing.


In late August 2014 an effort to write an operating system from scratch was initiated. The initial Glaux operating system targeted the 16-bit x86 architecture and was written exclusively in the assembly programming language.

In early December 2014 Glaux was rewritten to target the 32-bit x86 platform. By March 2015 there was an EHCI driver and the next month a read-only Ext2 driver was added. After June 2015 there was a pause in development.

In September 2015 development of Glaux restarted in the C programming language. The goal at that time was compliance with existing standards. Around June 2016 development progress stopped again.

Currently there is ongoing work concerning the G programming language specification, considering how will the final Glaux operating system look like. You can help by contacting the main developer and submitting ideas and/or code.

Previous attempts can be found here. Please note however that these codebases do not reflect the current goals of the Glaux project.


You can contact the main developer by sending an email to You can also join the #glaux-os and #g-lang channels at the IRC network. Please note however that these channels are usually inactive.